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August 22, 2013
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Richard Branson is often cited as an example of an entrepreneur who young people can look up to and take advice from.

The Virgin Founder was recently named as the person most British people would like to work for in a YouGov survey, and the ideal celebrity boss in a Reed poll.

But do Branson’s business tips ever result in new companies starting up and fresh ideas coming to life?

One young entrepreneur who has been influenced by the Virgin Founder recently is Jessica Earl, who left Virgin Atlantic to start Earls and Co – her own tradional barbers and whisky bar. Branson recently shared some tips with Earl online to help inform her marketing strategy.

She commented: “I started working for Virgin Atlantic when I was 18, the youngest In-Flight Beauty Therapist ever. Virgin taught me the importance of high standards, customer service and working hard in order to play hard. I’ve absorbed tips from Richard and the Virgin brand has helped to shape my business.

“I always thought if Richard could do it then why can’t I? In fact I’ve got more of a chance then he did back then, with the internet and social media making opportunities so readily available. I just need to utilise them as we’ll as he utilised his phonebox!”

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