If Richard could do it then why can’t I?
October 22, 2013

As an in flight beauty therapist for Virgin Atlantic, Jessica Earl used to fly the world giving Virgin passengers treatments. Now she gives those treatments to clients in her own unique Barbers & Whisky Bar. Recently, she decided to take a leaf out of Richard Branson’s book and threw a huge party for her customers. Here, she explains why…

Who doesn’t love a party? The mingling, laughing, eating and drinking; it’s a great way to let your hair down and have a bit of rest and relaxation. As important as I believe having fun is, I am reminded constantly that brand awareness, enticing offers and having a constant presence contribute to having a successful business too.

That being said, I have a clear idea about how to achieve that without the use of special offers and advertisements I follow the lead of my former boss, Richard Branson and throw a really big party!

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